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This is my 3rd iteration of my "blog".

In the past my "blogs", and I'm hesitant to call it that, have had the unfortunate pleasure of being my lab-rat for exploratory development. As such, they tend to be somewhat unstable at the best of time. The previous longest running version was just github page with some Jekyll templates, it was fun to tinker with it but ultimately I got to thinking that I'd prefer to have my personal work space not be something I always fight against. As such, I give you blog 3.0

"Teh" stack

  • NextJs (and Reach of course)
  • Tailwind (This is the only new framework I'm willing to add in)
  • Prismic.io (using graphql, I've dabbles with it in the past, and it was super easy to get going)

And to host?

  • Vercel... At work I've user CI/CD pipelines ranging from Jenkins, TeamCity, GitHub Actions (this is my current favourite), and to host varieties of containers or PaaS services on AWS... but nothing has been as simple as this. Literally 2 clicks, and the site was live. I can highly recommend it to anyone who'd like to do the same and keep it simple. (Oh and its free for personal/single user projects)

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